Things To Do in Westchester

If you’re planning a quick getaway to New York, there are plenty of things you can do to enjoy your time in Westchester. While it may not be the most visited area of New York, there are a lot of hidden gems in Westchester. Here are just some of the things you might think of visiting while you are there.

Visit the Kensico Dam

This massive dam is a popular site to see. Just over one hundred years old, this dam forms the Kensico Reservoir. Westchester County’s 9/11 Memorial is located in the Kensico Dam Plaza, where you can walk and enjoy the scenery. It’s a great place to stop and enjoy a picnic. There are often concerts or other activities hosted here as well.

Eat Delicious Authentic Food

With New York being one of the most diverse places in the US, there are plenty of restaurants in the area that offer mouthwatering tastes of global favorites. A quick search on the internet will bring up tons of options for Indian cuisine lunch menu Westchester NY or other staples from Asia, Europe, and pretty much everywhere you can think of. Take a moment to stop and try something new.

Visit Washington’s Headquarters

This recently-renovated 18th-century home was used as the lodging place for General George Washington during the American Revolution. The grounds were used by the soldiers in the Army, and many of the plans that won the American Revolution took place in this very spot. If you enjoy seeing historic places, be sure to add this stop to the list.

Your trip to Westchester will likely be an unforgettable one with all the different things to see and foods to eat. You can plan your trip ahead of time, or even just go with the flow when you get there. Whatever you choose to do, you are likely to see things you can’t find anywhere else. 


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